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Do you have an ongoing need for regular website maintenance but no time or desire to do it yourself? SBR Website Company offers website maintenance on a pay as you go basis for $50/hour, or monthly plans as shown below. Rush service is also available for those with major time constraints.

Urgent Requests

As needed

4 hours/month

8 hours/month

10 hours/month




72 hours
72 hours
48 hours
24 hours


Website maintenance can include adding, removing, or editing text and graphics, modifying products in your online shopping cart, updating news events, uploading documents, and often emergency fixes. If you’re not sure about the issue or can’t explain it, let us take a look and we can often diagnose it within minutes.* Depending on the amount of work needed to complete your request, ASAP could be minutes or hours. Pay as you go and urgent requests do require a one hour minimum payment.Monthly plans must be prepaid to start service, following months auto-renew unless canceled before the next bill date. Please fill out the form below to get started, if you require immediate fixes, please explain your requirements as clearly as possible to prevent any delay.

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